Leanne Ford Rises to Formica® Brand Challenge

Discover surprising new ways to use
Formica® Laminate in your home

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The Versatility of Formica® Brand Products

You may know of Formica® Laminates for the durable beauty they bring to kitchen and bathroom counters. But there are many other opportunities for these versatile products to make a creative statement throughout your home. Watch as Leanne Ford shows you how to use Formica® Laminate in every room!

Introducing, Leanne

Designer Leanne Ford rises to the Formica® Brand Challenge

DIY: How to Make a Dual-Purpose Sliding Door

Spice up your space and learn how to make a stylish, functional Formica® Writable Surface door like the one shown in Leanne’s room design.

DIY: Capture the rustic aesthetic with a DIY Barn Door

Embrace the popular sliding barn door look without the cost or sustainability concern by watching a step-by-step video on how to make a barn door utilizing woodgrain Formica® Laminates.

Feeling Inspired?

Did you see a product Leanne used that you can envision in your own space? We've shared the products Leanne used in our Formica® Brand Challenge.

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