Formica® EliteForm

Introducing Formica® EliteForm, a new technology that delivers industry-leading scratch resistance and impressive durability.

Newly available for most Formica® Laminate products, EliteForm technology breaks the mold for laminate products.

Gloss Countertops? EliteForm Makes it Possible. 

While many laminate products only offer gloss finishes for vertical applications like cabinets, Formica® Laminate with EliteForm technology is so durable that we can now offer our popular Gloss finish for horizontal applications, including countertops! With EliteForm technology, you can enjoy the stunning look of a glossy countertop or tabletop without undue fear of scratching and marring.

Lasting, More Durable Surfaces? Yes, Thanks to EliteForm.

EliteForm technology features industry-leading scratch resistance so that your countertops are able to stand up to the wear and tear of daily life. 

EliteForm technology now comes standard on most Formica® Brand products at no additional cost, including all Formica® Laminates and 180fx® by Formica Group.