The 2019 Living Impressions™ Collection

Inspired new surfacing looks for creating memorable spaces.

The 2019 Living Impressions™ Collection features 12 beautiful new options—including six new 180fx® patterns. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of 180fx®, and we’re celebrating with the introduction of a new finish and fresh pattern options. The wide range of on-trend looks in the collection incorporates organic and authentic stones and woodgrains, classic white and light surfaces, and darker selections to imbue a dramatic mood. 

Celebrating 10 Years of 180fx® by Formica Group

Modern, sophisticated patterns bring quartz, stone and hardwood designs to life. 

Lifestyle Trends

This year’s lifestyle trends served as inspiration in the development of the new patterns created for the 2019 offering. They are Artisanal Farmhouse, Personal Space and Industrial Home.

Planked Raw Oak

Artisanal Farmhouse

In our quest for a cozy, balanced life, artisanal and ethically sourced materials create spaces that are more open and sociable while serving as a sanctuary.

Gray Onyx

Personal Space

Dare to be different! Social media inspires us to create dramatic interiors and magical moments through the use of bold pattern, color and new materials on a dramatic scale.

Smoky Planked Walnut

Industrial Home

Simple, open spaces feature a backdrop of concrete and metal softened with mismatched vintage furnishings to bring physical warmth and femininity to domestic living.


Formica® Brand Capsule Collection

Curated by Leanne Ford and inspired by natural elements and neutral colors, these surfaces can be used to create a timeless space.