SurfaceSet® 2018 by Formica Corporation

Refresh, rethink and recreate interior spaces.

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The Collection

Fusing beautiful design with purposeful functionality inspired by the concepts of balance and tension, SurfaceSet® 2018 includes 32 new Formica® Laminate colors, patterns and woodgrain designs, and one new finish.

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317 8858 58 Just Rose 960x960

Personal Sanctuary

Comfort amid chaos. Celebrate the emotional connections to everyday objects as our personal time and spaces become ever more precious.  

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345M 1485 58 Chrome Yellow 8795 58 Matrix Blue 8910 NG Raw Birchply 960x960


Color goes freehand. Painterly brush strokes and textural daubs make for intriguingly tactile surfaces, heightening the sensory experience with strong, saturated color. 

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253 8812 PA Tinted Paper Terrazzo 960x960

Smart Organic

Rethinking and remaking materials. Nature and man-made materials collaborate to create something entirely new. 

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New Plex Finish

Featuring a crisp touch with a low-gloss sheen. This small-scale, versatile surface finish with a textile feel can be used to enhance all solid colors and patterns.   

SurfaceSet® 2018