Spectral Palette

341 8915 NG Walnut Fiberwood 7897 58 Spectrum Green 1920x915

Color goes freehand.

Inspired by art, the Spectral palette applies color in a free, unfettered fashion, revealing the maker’s hand. Painterly brush strokes and textural daubs make for intriguingly tactile surfaces, heightening the sensory experience with strong, saturated color. Brimming with creativity, the interaction of color across the spectrum finds art where color is confidently layered, bringing with it a welcome feeling of energy and optimism. 

This palette’s bold primary tones in contrasting combinations add rich depth and a contemporary vibe to our surroundings. Chrome Yellow, Matrix Blue and Spectrum Green help us recreate the world in a bright new way. Two new Paint Scrape designs give the appearance of layered paint applied to a canvas and then scraped off to reveal a grid-like layout, revealing spontaneous pops of color.