Property Brothers: Buying + Selling Features Formica® Laminate

Season 6, episode 9: More is More

Formica® Laminate is featured on HGTV Property Brothers: Buying + Selling, the popular television series. On Property Brothers: Buying + Selling, Jonathan and Drew Scott, identical twin brothers, help families renovate their home so that they can sell it for top dollar and have the budget to move up to their dream home. Drew and Jonathan Scott have different responsibilities on the show, but the same end goal when helping their clients. Jonathan, a licensed contractor, prepares the house for a successful sale by renovating it. Meanwhile, Drew is the real estate expert who is responsible for exploring the family’s new property and negotiating a reasonable price.
On this episode of Property Brothers: Buying + Selling, the list of to-dos are endless for Jonathan and Drew. On episode 9: More is More, the Property Brother’s clientele is a family that has resided in their home for three years. While their current house offers fun amenities, such as a backyard pool for the kids, the parents struggle with their lackluster kitchen and a disastrous basement. Jonathan and Drew work together to sell the family’s house while they search high and low for their dream home.

While overcoming the several obstacles on this episode, the brothers continue to make a name for themselves by remodeling homes that achieve functional style and a trendy look. On episode 9: More is More, Jonathan and Drew use the eye-catching Formica® Laminate design, White Bardiglio. This pattern brings character and a luxurious look to match any interior. The beautiful laminate is featured on the home’s shelving and dry bar surfacing areas. The unique pearlescent white and gray pattern complements the kitchen, adding a touch of lasting style to the surrounding area. 

Watch the episode here to see how the Property Brothers incorporate the White Bardiglio design and transform a DIY basement disaster into an ideal space for entertainment.