SketchTable and CreateSlate

Introducing our two ready-made products now available to order on Amazon.

SketchTable Colorbook

Meet SketchTable

Formica® Writable Surfaces SketchTable™ comes in two different table sizes, 16" and 24", perfect for playing games, doing homework, and even labeling those delicious appetizers at your next cocktail party. Bring your personality and creativity to your home with SketchTable™ that also has a two-sided flip top, so you have the option to draw on a Markerboard or Chalkboard surface. Find out more on Amazon.

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CreateSlate, new Formica Writable Surfaces Frame

Meet CreateSlate

Formica® Writable Surfaces CreateSlate™ is sure to add style and customization to your home décor. From keeping track of your busy schedule to displaying what is on the menu for dinner, CreateSlate™ offers the perfect platform to stay connected in your home. CreateSlate™ comes in two unique design options; a versatile gray frame with LoveWords markerboard, and a warm cream-colored frame with Black ChalkAble™ chalkboard. Find out more on Amazon. 

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