Meet the New 180fx® Collection

Our new 180fx® large-scale laminate designs display breathtaking veining and natural hues.

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Inspired by the latest global design trends, our 180fx® collection features exuberant high-movement stones, heavily veined marbles, and classic granite patterns with contrasting background colors to elegantly bring the outdoors into your home. 

In addition to these features, each new pattern reflects the color trend of usable grays that complement existing interior colors, by blending warm and cool tones together. Discover the new 180fx® designs and their unique stories. 

Fantasy Marble 

Inspired by a stunning piece of Fantasy Brown Marble that was seen in a stone yard and then imported from India. Our Fantasy Marble pattern features a beautiful flowing pattern of pewter, sand, blue-gray hues, and earthly browns.
Fantasy Marble
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Azul Aran 

Azul Aran is a stunning and complex stone with a large amount of variation. This design displays sizable gray and blue mineral deposits that lay in a white bedrock, while brown and blue-gray veins spider throughout the stone, which gives it a leafy or frost-like appearance.
180fx by Formica Group 9303 Azul Aran
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Blue Flower Granite

A dramatic swirling pattern with a stunning combination of brown, gray-blue, creamy white, and charcoal gray create Blue Flower Granite. Large quartz crystals give depth to the stone pattern, while veins of brown and gray add clarity and dimension. Interestingly, the Blue quartz crystals gave Blue Flower Granite its' name, while also making it a luxury stone.
180fx by Formica Group 9304 Blue Flower Granite
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Silver Flower Granite

Silver Flower Granite is a dramatic large crystal pattern of browns and grays, punctuated with warm charcoal black. It has an ice white background with large quartz crystals that provide depth to the stone, while veins of brown and gray add clarity and dimension. Silver Flower Granite has a balanced color palette of warm and cool grays, making it equally at home in a traditional interior as well as modern or contemporary.
180fx by Formica Group 9305 Silver Flower Granite
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