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Create Stunning Patterns in Seconds with the Formica Envisualizer™

How long would it take you to create an intricate pattern like this in traditional design programs? Hours? Days?

With the new, patent-pending Formica Envisualizer™ design platform, the answer to that question becomes seconds…and, it’s FREE to use.

Now in beta, the Formica Envisualizer™ gives you the power to explore the limitless possibilities of algorithmic pattern generation. Create something completely unexpected by scaling, distorting and randomizing pre-set shapes or drawing with kinetic brushes within the tool, or drag and drop your own image (a sketch, photo, or logo) into the kaleidoscope interface to discover new design opportunities. Customize your pattern by inputting CMYK, RGB or HEX values to ensure your color palette is spot-on.


Pattern created through scanning a piece of fabric and manipulating it within the Formica Envisualizer™. 

Interested in creating something NEVER seen before? Start your project in the Formica Envisualizer™ and then download a high-resolution Vector file for continued manipulation in your chosen design software suite.

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