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Envisioning the Possibilities for Retail Environments

Moving beyond retail industry trends, custom laminate offers endless possibilities for store interior design.

From a design perspective, what struck you most about the last store you visited? Was it a memorable product display? Or perhaps a soothing dressing room with ideal lighting? 

To be successful, retail environments must first be spaces people want to spend time in. To help move product, spaces need to be comfortable and inspirational but must also be durable enough to stand up to fingerprints, misplaced purses, or product avalanches during busy holiday seasons. Custom-printed laminate offers endless possibilities for bringing your design vision to life—and can help you maintain brand equity and provide long-lasting, beautiful results.

From the entrance to dressing rooms, product displays and beyond, here are just a few possible creative applications for stores or other retail environments:

Product Displays

Imagine having anything you wish printed large-scale to make any display the centerpiece of a store. Even small accessory displays can go from ordinary to extraordinary with a custom-printed pattern. 

Dressing Room Doors as Décor

Many stores are extending brand equity and footprint by utilizing dressing room doors as blank canvases for design. As a new way to mark each dressing room number, consider having each room feature an oversized number as a design element… in your brand’s font. Or, how about custom laminate doors featuring store logos or calls-to-actions for exploring the establishment’s online presence?

Checkout Counters

Seize your chance to continue a brand engagement while a customer is checking-out-or start an engagement if they’re in to make a return! Cover your counters with durable, custom laminate to help reinforce branding or talk about a specific promotion or product. Print anything you can imagine—and create a striking first impression that lasts with the customer, long after they’ve made their purchase. 

Oversized Graphics

Large, free-standing or pivoting vertical panels can serve both practical and esthetic functions: They can “break up” a large retail space into more intimate sub-areas or serve as bold visual statements. Or, try oversized “billboard” panels behind the check-out counter and alternate them seasonally.


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