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Retail Trends:  Six Laminate Installation Ideas

Store interiors must look stylish and communicate brand values and be able to stand up to high-traffic demands. The versatile qualities of high-pressure laminate (HPL) make it an ideal choice for busy retail outlets: Laminate is durable and easy to keep clean; it can be used horizontally or vertically and can hold a curve to create a striking design feature...and so much more.

Here are six ideas for laminate installations: 

1.  Color Play for Retail Design

Color choices play a central role in any retail design theme and offer many ways to make an impression, from full walls of vivid hues to incorporating brand colors as subtle accents. Laminates offer almost endless design possibilities for both surfacing and structural forms, such as ColorCore2(TM) where color goes all the way through-making them a solid choice for sleek cabinetry or other storage needs.

2.  Cosmetic Countertops

When it comes to cosmetics counters, wear and dullness won't do. And for both aesthetics and longevity, laminate is hard to beat:  Texture can be used not only to add design interest, it can also hide wear and tear and fingerprints. Estee Lauder's store locations decided to switch from lacquer to a customized Formica(R) laminate designed to match the brand's signature deep blue hue.

3.  Completely Custom

For truly unique installations that make any retail space stand out, why not create your very own custom laminate? Formica Envision(TM) makes this possible. Whatever your application, you can design your own look. Create your own surface art utilizing a sketch, photography, logo, illustration or painting and have it produced on our high-performance laminate. It's quite an impactful way to make a bold brand impression.

4.  Timeless Woodgrain Appeal

Retail trends come and go, but the timelessness of woodgrain looks is designed to last, especially when it comes to laminate surfacing options. Woodgrains represent classic, sophisticated looks that promise to age well-and stay in style. The latest laminate woodgrain patterns allow you to create visual texture and warmth now more than ever before. Try new woodgrain color choices in white, ashen gray and charcoal black to add modernity, while classic colors in contemporary grain patterns work well at bridging the gap between old and new installations.

Ribbonwood Scene 1

5.  Solid Colors for Longevity

Choosing colors with staying power doesn't mean designers should have to stick only with neutrals or "safe" options to stay relevant through the next several seasons (or even years). Consider a broader range of complex and cheerful hues that show a bright future-either as primary design elements or simply as accents.

6.  Finishing Touches

Last, but not least, don't forget about finishes. As befits retail, the difference is in the details. Textures add both visual and tactile interest to any color, and laminate lends itself beautifully to a variety of textural choices. For a modern statement, try our MicroDot(TM) finish, comprised of concave circles arranged in a tight grid. Or, how about adding some shine? Metallics deliver textures reflecting energy and modernity-a stylish way to add flair to a broad range of applications:  walls, retail fixtures, furniture, displays, signage and more.

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