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Tips for Incorporating Color & Texture Into Kitchen Surfaces

Discover easy ways to add visual interest through color, pattern, material and texture choices.

Mix Brights with Neutrals

You don’t have to "go big" with overwhelming uses of color, instead, simply bring an accent of a bright color into your kitchen. Experiment with your kitchen design ideas; use bright colors and graphic patterns on an island or work station, then turn to neutral tones for the rest of the countertops.

8826 Neutral Twill and 6907 Amarena paired with 6617 Tangelo Dotscreen

Formica® Laminate in 8826 Neutral Twill and 6907 Amarena paired with 6617 Tangelo Dotscreen

Mix Materials

More and more homeowners are mixing and matching materials in their kitchens to save money or to create zones for various tasks. Pair a graphic patterned surface or a bright, solid color laminate with the clean lines of stainless steel, Formica® laminate that looks like wood, granite and other on-trend materials.

6613 White Ellipse

Formica® Laminate in 6613 White Ellipse

Pair with White

White kitchens may be all the rage, but that doesn't necessarily mean such kitchens are devoid of color. White and/or light wood provides a clean, neutral backdrop for a bright laminate countertop. Light gray is another on-trend choice, while black can make colors such as red really pop.

1913 Red Ellipse

Formica® Laminate in 1913 Red Ellipse


Still not sure you want to commit to color in your surfacing choices? Add pops of color to an overall neutral kitchen by accessorizing in unexpected places, such as the interiors of open cabinets, wine cubbies and bookcases or the tops of shelves.

Mint Dotscreen

Formica® Laminate in 6616 Mint Dotscreen

Simplify Other Kitchen Elements

There is such a thing as too much visual interest. If you choose bright or patterned countertops, ensure you balance the look with clean cabinetry, backsplashes, accessories and appliances.

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