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Laminate 101

What comes to mind when you think of laminate? Not just the laminates of yesteryear; we're talking about modern-day laminates. Thanks to technological, material and design advances, today's laminates allow for far more decor and finish possibilities than ever.

As the original manufacturer of high-pressure laminate, Formica Corporation is pleased to offer you some helpful information on this versatile material. Read on to find out more about laminate, one layer at a time.

Material Basics


What is laminate, exactly? High-pressure laminate is a surfacing material created by saturating sheets of decorative and kraft paper with resin, which is a type of plastic, then pressing them together under high heat.


Formica® Brand Laminate is made from:


Decorative paper for style + Kraft Paper for flexibility +Resin for durability

Built-in Value


Beyond its almost endless color and design possibilities, part of the beauty of laminate is that it's far easier on the budget than most other surfacing options on the market today. For instance, while a typical cost per square foot of installed granite may be roughly $120, Formica® Brand Laminate is closer to $25 per square foot installed. 

Easy Care


Unlike some of the other surfacing materials that traditionally require regular sealing to keep bacteria at bay, laminate is easy to clean and maintain. In most cases, all you need to clean laminate is a cotton cloth and some mild liquid detergent or household cleaner. Stone surfaces such as granite countertops traditionally require special cleaning products in addition to annual re-sealing. For more information on laminate care and cleaning, visit our Product Use and Care guide.

Easy Installation


Knowledgeable DIYers can install laminate themselves. Sometimes having someone else do the work is good, too. Installation is pretty straightforward and painless.

A Pattern for Everyone


Laminates offer more varied options for colors, patterns and finishes than any other surfacing material. And with so many design choices, think of all the places perfect for laminate: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and bar areas.


Formica® Laminate offers more than 260 regular laminate patterns, plus an additional 24 stone and wood look-a-like laminates in our large-scale pattern collection, 180fx® by Formica Group.

Bye-bye, Brown Lines


In the past, laminates only came with visible seams. Now there are edging detail products available, such as IdealEdge® by Formica Group, that can eliminate those "brown lines" and offer a more stylish finish. These sophisticated customized edges work especially well to complete stone look-a-like patterns.


Ready to explore your laminate options? 


View our complete line of Formica® Laminate ...and don't forget, samples are free!


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