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Tips: How to Repair Burn Marks on Laminate Countertops

While burn marks are permanent damage, they don't have to mean the end of a good-looking countertop. For small burn areas, cut out the damage and use a filler product such as Seamfil (800-837-4971) or FormFill (888-536-0042).

For larger areas, cut out the damage and insert a Surface Save cutting board or trivet. Another option for counters with straight or beveled edges (not rounded in the front or coved in the back) is to resurface over existing laminate with a new piece of laminate.

Damage too great to mitigate?

Never fear; Formica Corporation is here! We have hundreds of laminate patterns available for you to choose from, and new stone/wood look-a-like laminates in our 180fx(R) by Formica Group collection.  Samples are free online!