Formica® Unilin Woods

High pressure laminate and Melamine faced boards: designed in perfect harmony

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Two great brands, Formica® and Unilin, join to create the Formica® Unilin Collection, a complete resource of materials with complementary décors and textures to ensure best-value solutions for all interior surfacing projects. The heart of the Formica® Unilin Collection, an unrivalled range of wood grains - modern straight grains next to classic layouts, natural wood tones side-by side with fashionable whites and greys, enhanced by the tactile sensation of smooth matte and deep brushed textures.

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  • Horizontal Vertical
  • Postforming
  • Durable & Wear Resistant
  • Hygienic


49 Products found

  • New
    F8984 Allegro Beech Light
  • F5375 Amazonia
  • F1297 American Maple
  • F8937 Arabica Walnut
  • F8921 Belisio Oak
  • New
    F8981 Bellavista Oak
  • F8968 Canice Oak
  • F5486 Classic Walnut
  • F1139 Country Cherry
  • F8966 Delano Oak
  • F8969 Dinara Walnut
  • New
    F8985 Egmont Oak
  • New
    F8979 Eiger Walnut
  • New
    F8976 Essential Oak Natural
  • F8971 Etna Oak
  • New
    F8988 Fumed Oak
  • F5379 Garonne Oak
  • New
    F8983 Gestola Oak
  • F8926 Granada Oak
  • F5376 Hudson Oak
  • F8936 Italian Walnut
  • New
    F8982 Janga Oak
  • F8931 Jura Beech
  • F8941 Kabongo
  • F8964 Kivu Wenge
  • F8967 Logan Oak
  • F5381 Marne Oak
  • F8949 Modena Apple
  • New
    Monviso Oak
    F8987 Monviso Oak
  • F8972 Nevis Oak
  • F8922 Oak Rustique
  • F8934 Odessa Beech
  • F5377 Ottawa Pine
  • F8970 Paruma Oak
  • F8925 Pearl Oak
  • F1293 Redwood
  • F5378 Rena Pine
  • New
    F8978 Rila Oak
  • New
    F8977 Riverside Oak
  • New
    F8986 Scafell Oak
  • New
    F8980 Snowdon Oak
  • F8927 Solara Oak
  • F8928 Suomi Ash
  • F8923 Torino Oak
  • F8963 Urban Oak
  • F8924 Verona Oak
  • F2884 Vosges Pear
  • F8946 White Birch
  • F8943 Zebrano Frio