Formica® Collection Patterns

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Formica® Patterns offer a variety of scale, tonal shading and colour coordination with the Formica Colors range. Available in Formica® Laminate, the original High Pressure Laminate or Formica® Compact, our high pressure structural laminate.

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  • Durable & Wear Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Horizontal Vertical


59 Products found

  • F7517 Almond Grafix
  • K5827 Berry
  • F7522 Blue Silk Grafix
  • F6307 Burnt Strand
  • K1330 Calcium
  • F6942 Charcoal Boomerang
  • F6213 Cherry Strand
  • F5282 Dogbone Black
  • F5278 Dogbone Earth
  • F5280 Dogbone Grey
  • F5279 Dogbone Otter
  • F5283 Dogbone Storm
  • F5281 Dogbone White
  • F7505 Dusty Jade Grafix
  • F7708 Flax Gauze
  • F7507 Folkestone Grafix
  • F5273 Geo Citadel
  • F5272 Geo Folkestone
  • F5274 Geo Fossil
  • F5276 Geo Maui
  • F5275 Geo Wasabi
  • F5270 Geo White
  • F7515 Graphite Grafix
  • F5087 Graphite Tuff
  • F1787 Grey Dust
  • K3735 Krypton
  • F1936 Lava Dust
  • F0202 Light Gauze
  • F1941 Lilac Dust
  • F6305 Limed Strand
  • F5293 Maxi Mode Electric on Vibrant Green
  • F5286 Maxi Mode Folkestone on White
  • F5289 Maxi Mode White on Folkestone
  • F5290 Midi Mode Blaze Red on Clementine
  • F5292 Midi Mode Caribbean on Oceano
  • F5285 Midi Mode Folkestone on White
  • F5288 Midi Mode White on Folkestone
  • F1762 Midnight Dust
  • K5818 Mild Steel
  • F5284 Mini Mode Folkestone on White
  • F5291 Mini Mode White on Amarena
  • F5287 Mini Mode White on Folkestone
  • F7508 Mouse Grafix
  • F1329 Multifleck New
  • F7018 Navy Grafix
  • K3734 Radon
  • F7251 Sakkara Charcoal
  • F2658 Sakkara Kalahari
  • F2654 Sakkara Steppe
  • F2650 Sakkara Tenere
  • K5593 Silver Metal
  • F1782 Stardust
  • K5583 Steel Metal
  • F7503 Stone Grafix