F6362 Elemental Concrete Patterns

Formica® Collection Patterns

Patterns so authentic you will have to look twice

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Authenticity and the return to essential and simple materials is one of the latest trends in interior designs.

Available in Formica® Laminate, the original High Pressure Laminate or Formica® Compact, our high pressure structural laminate.

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  • Hygienic
  • Durable & Wear Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Horizontal Vertical


62 products found:

  • F7517
    F7517 Almond Grafix
  • F7522
    F7522 Blue Silk Grafix
  • New
    F8837 Brushed Zinc
  • F6307
    F6307 Burnt Strand
  • K1330
    F1330 Calcium
  • F6213
    F6213 Cherry Strand
  • New
    F6362 Concrete Formwood
  • New
    F8814 Denim Twill
  • F5282
    F5282 Dogbone Black
  • F5278
    F5278 Dogbone Earth
  • F5280
    F5280 Dogbone Grey
  • F5279
    F5279 Dogbone Otter
  • F5283
    F5283 Dogbone Storm
  • F5281
    F5281 Dogbone White
  • New
    F6363 Elemental Ash
  • F8830
    F8830 Elemental Concrete
  • New
    F8832 Elemental Corten
  • New
    F8833 Elemental Graphite
  • F7708
    F7708 Flax Gauze
  • F7507 Folkestone Grafix
  • F5273
    F5273 Geo Citadel
  • F5272
    F5272 Geo Folkestone
  • F5270
    F5270 Geo White
  • F7515
    F7515 Graphite Grafix
  • New
    F8829 Graphite Twill
  • F1787
    F1787 Grey Dust
  • F3735
    F3735 Krypton
  • F1936
    F1936 Lava Dust
  • F0202
    F0202 Light Gauze
  • F6305
    F6305 Limed Strand
  • New
    F5336 Maxi Mode Carnaval on Energy
  • New
    F5335 Maxi Mode Energy on Carnaval
  • F5286
    F5286 Maxi Mode Folkestone on White
  • F5289
    F5289 Maxi Mode White on Folkestone
  • New
    F5338 Midi Mode Denim on Just Blue
  • F5285
    F5285 Midi Mode Folkestone on White
  • New
    F5337 Midi Mode Just Blue on Denim
  • F5288
    F5288 Midi Mode White on Folkestone
  • F5284
    F5284 Mini Mode Folkestone on White
  • New
    F5340 Mini Mode Leaf Green on Wasabi
  • New
    F5339 Mini Mode Wasabi on Leaf Green
  • F5287
    F5287 Mini Mode White on Folkestone
  • F7508
    F7508 Mouse Grafix
  • New
    F8826 Neutral Twill
  • New
    F6723 Paloma Almond
  • New
    F6726 Paloma Denim
  • New
    F6724 Paloma Folkestone
  • New
    F6728 Paloma Jade
  • New
    F6725 Paloma Just Blue
  • New
    F6727 Paloma Just Rose
  • New
    F6698 Paloma Polar
  • F8975
    F8975 Patina Brush
  • K3734
    F3734 Radon
  • New
    F8827 Sarum Twill