VIVIX® by Formica Group architectural panels: create drama with colour-blocked facades

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VIVIX® by Formica Group architectural panels: create drama with colour-blocked facades

March 2014

Colour blocking is a timeless trend that has started in art and through catwalk brought its vibrancy and boldness to interior design and architecture. From Piet Mondrian’s 1930’s paintings and London’s 1960’s mod fashion to contemporary graphics, furniture and exterior cladding, colour blocking has been a major aspect of modern design.

Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager, Europe, Formica Group comments: “In architecture, the evolution of the colour blocking trend takes inspiration from colourful urban infrastructure and pixelated graphics. Façades and interiors feature borders and blocks with a mix of triangles and angular shapes in shocking vibrant or more muted colours”.

VIVIX® by Formica Group architectural panels are right on trend, offering a broad palette of colours, woodgrains and patterns, allowing architects and designers to create exclusive looks with colour-blocked façades. This is a great way to rejuvenate properties or design innovative patterns to make a building stand out.

“This is a very popular look for both public as well as residential buildings across Europe”, continues Eva Hoernisch. “Colours are blocked to create dynamic exteriors and break up an otherwise flat façade”.

VIVIX® panels have been used for projects all around the world to create exciting designs. Recent projects include Harthill House, a social housing project in the UK; L’Argila Sports Complex and Tomás Bodero Industrial Pavilion in Spain, a social housing project in Finland and St. James’s Hospital in Ireland.

Formica Group, the original inventor of laminate, has always strived to provide architects and designers with innovative products that would enable them to complement design trends. Through its continuous in-house research and development, as well as work with external designers, the company has established itself as a global leader in the surfacing industry.

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