Twill by Formica Group – shaping today’s interiors

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Twill by Formica Group – shaping today’s interiors

June 2015

It is well known that textures, colours and pattern in our surroundings can influence our sense of wellbeing and comfort, as well as provide sensory ‘triggers’. For example, having a variety of textures in the finish of interior surfacing materials can improve cognitive ability to access knowledge, helping the brain to stay alert and engaged. 

These considerations are being factored into the design of commercial environments, from workspaces and retail outlets to restaurants and healthcare facilities, to create a certain mood and feeling. Twill by Formica Group, a new pattern based on a multi-colour fabric, enhanced by the award-winning texture Plex, is providing designers and specifiers with a stylish and elegant textile look that helps create warm and intimate, as well as exciting and stimulating interiors.

Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager Europe, Formica Group comments: “In today’s world, where we’re surrounded by all things virtual and abstract, there is a strong desire for authenticity, and with that a return to the very essential and simple materials: the warmth of wood, the raw character of cement, the cool touch of linen fabrics, the essential beauty of denim, the sturdiness of metal.”

Twill is an updated interpretation of the weave pattern, mimicking the design of warps and wefts, the vertical and diagonal threads used to create cloth, characterising a return to the basics and authenticity. Adding further dimension to engage the sense of touch as well as sight, the refined coarseness of Plex, inspired by textured linen and denim fabrics, brings the surface to life.

With technology companies highlighting the importance of smooth surface products - be it a smartphone, tablet, or a contactless payment - texture is more important than ever to enhance customers’ experience. Providing contrast and tactile sensation, it can be used in various ways; in offices to separate a formal conference room from the main office area; in the retail environment to guide the eyeline and emphasise displays; in healthcare soothing colours and patterns can help to calm worried patients and reduce stress.

Twill on Plex is available in four colours: Neutral, Sarum, Graphite and Denim. The inclusion of Denim Twill to the range anticipates the predicted increase in demand for denim as an interior design option, set to be on-trend for 2016.

Eva Hoernisch comments further: “Every few years denim trends in the fashion world. It has a universal appeal, no matter what its application. In the case of Denim Twill an actual pair of blue jeans was used to colour match. With fashion design increasingly informing interior design, the introduction of Denim Twill could not be timelier.”

Twill represents just four of the 113 décors launched in May as part of the new Formica® Collection 2015. Now offering over 600 decorate laminate solutions, Formica Group continues to innovate and lead the market in decorative laminates. With its premium products it provides architects, interior designers, fabricators, and manufacturers with the tools and support they need to create outstanding designs.

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