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Formica Group releases ‘Trends at 100% Design’ video

October 2015

During 100% Design, Formica Group, sponsors of the Design & Build Hall, took timeout from stand E478 to explore the design trends showcased at the event.

Sharing their findings on video, three of Formica Group’s key designers discuss how wood is being used as a pattern; how metals have moved from being an industrial material to becoming a colour palette in their own right; and how we’re seeing more muted colours and complexity of colour in today’s design.

100% Design 2015


Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager at Formica Group Europe, also catches up with the designers at the show behind the Mattergarden juice bar, Half-Three Café and stairwell installations.

Kirsteen Martin, Creative Director at Studio Design UK, reveals her new found love for Formica Group’s Denim colour.

Daniel Rous, Fabrica Design Studio, explains why Copper Plex™ was fundamental in specifying material to reflect the colour of tea.

Caroline Santos of Mette, speaks on how the new Formica® Collection captures the earthy and eco-inspired aesthetic at the heart of her design concept.

At DesignJunction, Eva visits designer Lindsey Lang at the Pick Restaurant to discuss ‘Rush Hour’, a print capturing the hustle and bustle of the London Underground.

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