Formica Infinitiā„¢ wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

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Formica Infinitiā„¢ wins the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017

April 2017

Formica Group, the original inventor of High Pressure Laminate, has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot award: Product Design 2017 for Formica Infiniti™. The anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface with post-forming properties marks the next generation of laminate and was selected by an international jury of 40 experts for the accolade.

The matte finish has become increasingly popular in recent years but traditionally its prominence in design has been subdued by its impracticality as fingerprints and marks show up easily on standard surfaces. To address the issue, Formica Group developed Formica Infiniti, using patent pending technology, to create a laminate that stays looking good for longer.

Traditional Matte v Formica Infiniti

Eva Hoernisch, Group Creative Product Director, comments: “Formica Infiniti acknowledges texture and touch as the essential sensorial interface between man and material.” Moving laminate away from the association of plastic, the surface’s contemporary matte finish touches the senses.

Eva adds: “Differing from high-gloss surfaces or deep texture, the surface provides an understated aesthetic that celebrates simplicity over excess. A monolithic depth of colour is achieved as there is no reflection distracting from the authentic tone.

“Formica Group developed patent pending technology, used in combination with a next generation resin and curing process, to give the material its state of the art properties.” The result is a surface with micro-contours that allows for the scattering and absorption of light waves within the surface topography creating a contemporary matte look.

Furthermore, the product can be postformed to hold a curve; since it is easy to fabricate, the surface offers more freedom to create streamlined interiors and provides an additional tool to bring design concepts to life. Formica Infiniti also delivers a colour palette that is unrivalled in the market for an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface.

Suitable for vertical and horizontal application, Formica Infiniti can be applied to workplace, hospitality and shopping environments.

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