Formica Group brings Formica Infinitiā„¢, its smartest surface to date, to Material Xperience

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Formica Group brings Formica Infinitiā„¢, its smartest surface to date, to Material Xperience

February 2017

Formica Group, the pioneer of High Pressure Laminate, will exhibit Formica Infiniti™, its hardest working surface to date at Material Xperience, the leading Dutch event for interior architects and designers (Stand D8, Utrecht, Netherlands, 6 – 10th February).

Formica Infiniti™ is an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface with post-forming properties and colour palette that is unrivalled in the market. With its patent pending technology, Formica Infiniti™ introduces the evolution of laminate, making it the ideal candidate for the innovative Material Xperience.

Designed to add a sensorial dimension to interiors, Formica Infiniti’s silky smooth matte finish delivers a moleskin-like texture to give vertical and horizontal surfaces a timeless appeal and premium feel.

Easy to fabricate, Formica Infiniti’s post-formable properties means it can hold a curve; this enhances design options for architects and designer wanting to streamline interiors.

The low light reflection of the product means colour and texture are accentuated; surfaces are decluttered, offering an alternative to the distraction of high gloss finish.

Formica Infiniti’s broad range of decors offers 20 on trend colours and patterns. There are 10 colours from the cool to the warmer end of the spectrum and 7 chromatic colours to accentuate any design. In addition, 3 subtle tone-on-tone patterns, exclusive to Formica Group, meet the stylistic demand that today’s designers and architectural community have for neutral colours.


The matte finish has become increasingly popular in recent years but its prominence in design has been subdued by its impracticality as finger prints and marks show up easily on standard surfaces. Formica Infiniti™ provides the solution; a surface that stays looking good for longer with post forming properties and a colour selection that open up design possibilities.

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