Formica Infinitiā„¢ - Formica Group introduces the next generation of surfacing

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Formica Infinitiā„¢ - Formica Group introduces the next generation of surfacing

February 2017

The first of its kind, Formica Infiniti™ is the only anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface on the market with post-forming properties that can create a curved finish that holds.

Formica Group understands that tactility and the visual effects of a product are fundamental to surface design. Having invented the ultimate laminate gloss finish, two decades on the pioneer of laminate continues to innovate with the revolutionary Formica Infiniti™.

Surfacing is more than a skin or envelope; it is also a spatial instrument for design. With today’s employers, customers and citizens having higher expectation from their workplaces, hospitality and shopping environments, architects and designers are adopting a multi-sensory approach to building design. In accounting for our different interactions with a material, whether it be opening doors, leaning against a wall or working at a desk, touch and tactility matter.

Matte, No Matter What

An evolution in surfacing, Formica Infiniti’s contemporary matte finish marks the introduction of a new generation of texture, designed to add the sensorial dimension of touch to material.

Silky smooth and soft, the surface delivers a low gloss look with a premium moleskin-like texture that is a pleasure to touch and gives interiors a timeless appeal.

Traditional Matte v Formica Infiniti

Remarkably Unmarkable

Traditionally, the popularity of matte surfacing has been subdued by the impracticality of the fingerprints and markings that remain after contact; the arrival of Formica Infiniti’s contemporary matte finish ushers in a new era.

Anti-fingerprint technology inherent in the surface layer protects the material from prints and marks enabling high traffic areas to maintain their good. The surface also provides stronger resistance than standard laminate when it comes to scratching and abrasions.


The post-formable properties of the product means Formica Infiniti will maintain its shape and integrity. Architects and designers now have more freedom to create streamlined interiors and, with the option of curved matte surfacing, an additional tool to bring design concepts to life.

Unlimited possibilities

Suitable for vertical and horizontal application, Formica Infiniti’s broad range of decors offers 20 on trend colours and patterns. There are 10 neutral colours from the cool to the warmer end of the spectrum, 7 chromatic colours to accentuate design, and 3 versatile Neo patterns, exclusive to Formica Group, to facilitate a harmonious blend when solid tones are in use.


Neo’s subtle tone-on-tone patterns meets the stylistic demand that today’s designers, and in particular the architectural community, has for neutral colours. Formica Infiniti’s contemporary matte texture further supports this desire for understated design while also adding dimension to solid colour surfaces.

Irresistibly Resistant

Using technology developed by Formica Group, Formica Infiniti’s application of next generation resin, in combination with its curing process, creates micro-contours that give the surface its state of the art properties. Micro-contours allow for the scattering and absorption of light waves within the surface topography and channel away moisture from fingertips creating an absolute matte look.

Highly hygienic, Formica Infiniti also features anti-microbial protection to ensure the surface prevents the harbouring and growth of bacteria.

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