Embrace the denim look with Formica® Unilin Blue Jeans

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Embrace the denim look with Formica® - Unilin Blue Jeans

From the Genoese Dockers who were the first to use jeans fabric to cover and protect their goods, to the ‘controversial’ denim on denim fashion style sported all over the world, the material has evolved throughout the years and established itself as a timeless fashion and design concept.

With the popularity of denim reflected in interior design,  – Unilin®Formica introduced to their Collection Blue Jeans, a textile weave pattern celebrating the never-ending story of the fabric.

Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager Europe, comments: “The authenticity of the material has a universal appeal, no matter what its application. At Eurocucina we saw denim-like materials used for kitchen splashbacks, and at last month’s Orgatec we saw the look reinterpreted for office furniture, utilising its durable, youthful, easy-to-care-for characteristics to create modern, on-trend interiors”.

In combination with the inherent strength of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Melamine Faced Chipboards (MFC), the Formica® – Unilin Collection provides architects, designers and specifiers with surfacing solutions of the highest quality.

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