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Doors of opportunity

July 2016

London has, and will continue, to absorb significant new hotel supply in 2016. Data released at the end of last year indicates the number of hotel rooms in London is expected to grow by 12 per cent over the next three years. With the new properties accounting for over 17,500 hotel rooms across the capital, creating the right visual impact for a new guest or visitor can assist in securing repeat business for both low-cost and high-end establishments.

Door CollectionDoor Collection 

Cleanliness too is not only essential to running a professional hotel, particularly in dining areas and hotel rooms, but also for securing custom. Research indicates that for almost 70% of guests, hygiene and cleanliness rank as a priority when recommending a hotel; appearance of bedrooms and bathrooms being the most critical areas.

Dirty doors are unlikely to secure repeat custom. Specifying doors with surfacing properties that offer an ease of maintenance conducive to the hygiene standards one would expect from a hotel is hence an attractive proposition for both guests and establishment. Materials that require little more than water, mild detergent and a wipe to stay clean make for a sensible choice.

Conversations with designers reveal that doors are key influencers in shaping an occupant’s first impression when entering a room. To provide eye-catching design options that extend beyond bright colours, today’s door manufacturers offer tactility and bespoke options both in terms of size and décor.

Door Collection 

For a visually alternative yet practical proposition, the door market has seen the introduction of smart low tech doors that feature a magnetic surface or chalkboard option. These can then be used for a fun or serious point of communication where magnetic signs or chalkboard writing can be changed to suit different functions – perfect for a hotel kitchen or conference room.

The latest door collections available in the market provide a breadth of design options to reflect contemporary trends, including the on-trend aesthetic of nature and eco themes through the use of organic material such as wood. Advances in digital technology mean it is now possible to replicate the looks of wood, metals and more natural materials, but with more durable materials, with hardwearing surface properties - much better suited for hospitality environments.

Door CollectionDoor Collection 

Such advances offer further advantages where it comes to the consistency of design detail. For example, with wood, should an existing door need to be replaced it is not always possible to get consistency in grain, shading and colour. This is not an issue for manufacturers with the technology to apply authentic looking finishes to material such as laminate since the doors can be colour matched as required. High Pressure Laminate is particularly resistant to stains, impact, scratches and moisture, as well as meeting fire-resistant to Building Regulations.

Door technology is improving and with it comes a broader scope of colours, sizes, finishes and styles to suit any hotel style and function.

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