Your Guide to Surface Finishes

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Your Guide to Surface Finishes

The choice of surface finish is just as important to the functionality of the laminate as it is to the aesthetics.



A super matt and entirely smooth premium surface finish. AbsoluteMatte adds a sensorial dimension to the surface and intensifies the depth of colour.

AR Plus®

Sleek high gloss finish, highly resistant to scuffs and mar abrasions. AR Plus® has twice the surface performance of standard gloss laminate.


Chiselled™ captures the look and feel of hard carved woods.


Offers a luxury finish across a variety of colours and patterns.


Grained™ achieves the effect of wood pores just freshly treated.


A rich complex surface finish that mimics wire brushed soft woods. A distinctive texture that is versatile on both woods and plain colours. Alternating glossy and matt areas are visually pleasing and a tactile surprise: the surface feels inherently natural, yet with a velvet smoothness.


The elegant Matte™ finish brings a natural tone and simplicity to spaces.


Offers a luxury finish across a variety of colours and patterns.


Directional finish used on certain Woodgrain designs. The texture direction runs parallel to the ‘grain’ of the wood.


Playful and modern, MicroDot™ is a subtle grid of concave dots in a low sheen satin finish, offering a three-dimensional aspect for optical effect.


Provides a near natural woodgrain look with an elegant matt finish. Suitable for vertical and light duty application.


Ultra smooth with low levels of light reflection, ideal for vertical applications.


Red Dot Award winning Plex™ texture was inspired by crisp satin silk weaves with their subtle reflective and tactile quality. This small scale, versatile surface finish impresses with its textile feel, crisp touch and low gloss sheen.


Puregrain™ a smooth, linear woodgrain texture. A timeless yet unique interpretation of a lightly brushed, natural timber. Puregrain is subtle to the touch with a medium gloss level.


Subtle surface detail highlighted by a soft polished sheen gives an authentic look of natural materials.


Vertically-orientated raised lines which provide texture and catch light, creating a unique laminate feel.


Horizontally-orientated finish which catches light. Sculpted™ finish creates not only a visual but a tactile appeal.


A shallow surface texture that is effectively smooth to the touch.

*These textures are ideally suited to vertical and light –duty horizontal applications, where laminate will not be in contact with objects that may damage the surface.