2016 Bold Redefined

2016 Bold Redefined

Trend Refresh

We are Spiritual Individuals living in a Material World.And we are in the era of redefining.Let peace and love

fill your heart;beauty fill your world;contentment and joy fill your days.

1.Refined Spiritualism

Putting spiritualism into material .This über-modern style reflects the ubiquity of technology yet becomes softer and more
spiritual and human.

We live in the age of gray –the colour of smoky spirituality,and the age of white – the colour of purity, feminity and

technology. White & Gray are the essential colours, it makes the near-blacks colourful and the materials spiritual.

“Dual purpose hybrids, forming fusion of architecture and furniture in white,gray and nature elements.”

2.Materialism Memory

While we desire to be connected with society& innovation, we seek apersonal rhythm & pace that maintains balance &memory.

Materials carry memory

Riding the wave of the ever-growing DIY trend, recycled,up cycled and repurposed elements are taking over all interiors surfaces.

Denim is as popularas ever and now we see more new textural variants

Reclaimed and authentic


Wood with a past, the aged and used are cherished. And a deep respect for the creations of nature—the slow weathering

process.The memory of nature.Wood as one of the few truly sustainable materials with a nice and warm touch is always

that simply good.They are presented in a “nude” state, not dyed or visibly finished, to best deliver the nature

beauty of untouched grain.

New Textures Introduction


Jeans (JN)                                                                   Prismatic (PR)                                                                    Truewood (TW )  

Dream Weaver                                                                        A Cut Above                                                            Heart of the Forest                                
Few things reflect the style of timeless ,                      Inspired by the glorious gems of                           Bring the great outdoors in with  
elegance like the touch of high-grade                      nature, PRISMATIC is playful and its                      the confidence and charisma of
denim. Contemporary and versatile, you                 favourite playmate is light. Designed                      TRUEWOOD. Its realistic wood grain 
can dress and access or is e your designs              to bring simple and clean pieces to                        adds whimsy and warmth, showing
with its unique fabric-like texture, an ode                 a whole new dimension of exquisite,                     off natural slits and valleys with growth
to the spirit of reclaimed denim. The                         PRISMATIC’s outstanding shattered                       rings, knots and ribbon grains typical
seamless diagonal threading exudes                      effect shines and shies away light                          of age-old forest heartwood. The
tailored glamour that is all at once casual               through a dramatic interplay of                               definitive show-stopper is its sleek
chic and classy. JEANS will give a whtehot           fl at lanes and raised geometric                               finish that heightens the authenticity of 
edge to the coolest designer vision.                        surfaces. The result is asymmetry                           a stunning and luxurious timbre lustre.
                                                                                        in motion, a monochromatic
                                                                                        masterpiece of eye-catching jewels.


Solid Colours in Prismatic


0459PR Brite White   0912PR Storm         0806PR Battalon                                  3200TW Ultra White 7157TW Cosmic Dawn  0806TW Battalon

180fx™ in Honed™


                                                                             6363H Elemental Ash   6317H Weathered Cement                                                                                           

180fx™ in Gloss



9481G Strata Olympica                                                                      6320G Black Fusion

Patterns in Jeans & Linum



9271JN Reclaimed Denim Fiber      9271LM Reclaimed Denim Fiber                        8826JN Neutral Twill                 8814JN Denim Twill                 

Wood Grains in Drygrain                      Wood Grains in Natural Grain



8902D8 White Painted Wood                                                                              9479NG Wide Planked Walnut

Wood Grains in Natural Grain & Sawcut


                                                                                6410NG Weathered Beamwood       7670ST Thai Beamwood

Wood Grains in Naturelle™


                                                                                       6401NT Natural Walnut        6402NT Thermo Walnut

Wood Grains in Naturelle™ & Natural Grain


                                                                                  8903NT Limed Timberworks      8904NT Silvered Timberworks     6318NG Timberworks