15 Unique Applications for dECOLeather®

Implement dECOLeather® recycled leather veneer into any design application. While it can be sophisticated and luxurious, it can also be funky and fashionable.

dECOLeather® recycled leather veneer by Formica Group provides a new way to enhance surfaces. Let the experts inspire your creativity with some unique applications for this sustainable product.

1. Table tops

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Whether it be a rustic dining table or a classy executive boardroom, the dECOLeather® surface transcends traditional to contemporary design schemes. 

Extra design inspiration: occasional tables, merchandise display tables, bar tops

2. Cabinet fronts

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Transform kitchen cabinets with inset recycled leather veneer panels. It is gorgeous and dependable for the most animated kitchen. Use this application in a corporate office or hotel for a one of a kind composition.

Extra design inspiration: dressers, desk fronts, Healthcare & Hospitality casework

3. Partition walls

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Using dECOLeather® veneer in the Crocodile texture as an insert on a partition showcases the directional grain perfectly. Protecting the edges of the veneer with wood optimizes the performance of this exclusive commodity. 

Extra design inspiration: dressing room dividers

4. Reception desks

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Create a showpiece with a reception desk by wrapping the front in a dECOLeather® texture. Apply this to a bar front and graze with lighting for another original detail.

Extra design inspiration: customer service stations, transaction counters, nurses stations

5. Bar feature wall

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While wood, tile, and laminate work well behind exposed glassware storage, this unique vertical surface provides a new opportunity to accent the space with an array of color and texture options. Similar feature walls could be used in retail settings as an exceptional backdrop for merchandise.

Extra design inspiration: slat walls & shelving units

6. Restroom accent walls

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Accent walls fit for royalty will pair perfectly with the magic mirror on the wall. dECOLeather® surfaces maintain superior clean-ability, because of its water-based protective coating.

Extra design inspiration: restroom entry doors and lounge areas

7. Column wraps

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Sometimes simple details, like an inlay in a column wrap, can add depth through repetition.

Extra design inspiration: many parts of large lobby, conference, or office spaces including columns, feature walls, reception desks

8. Wainscot

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Encapsulating the edges of the recycled leather veneer with metal, wood, plastic framing, or edgebanding is an ideal way to protect the edges. Creating a wainscot with wood framing in this dramatic two tone application, could be great in many interior spaces.

Extra design inspiration: restaurants, private dining, entertainment venues, banquet centers, elevator lobby

9. Desk surfaces

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The earthy Buffalo texture serves as a comfortable place to put in long hours at the office.

Extra design inspiration: phone booths, nightstands

10. Headboards

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Customizing a headboard is like adding the perfect piece of art. This small space can have a large impact on any room.

Extra design inspiration: booth backs, workstation dividers

11. Frame wraps

dECOLeather by Formica Group 5623-15 Ivory Crocodile
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Little material is needed for this dramatic frame. dECOLeather® veneer can be wrapped around corners or edges to a 1/4’’ radius with a 2” underwrap. It can be also edgebanded like many other veneer surfaces.

Extra design inspiration: elevator door surrounds, artwork framing

12. Training center

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Enhance a simple training center in a corporate or educational facility with a bit of sophisticated medium-scale crocodile textures. Use the color palette to implement branding strategies with this sustainable product.

Extra design inspiration: head walls, waiting rooms

13. Booth backs

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Add some warmth and softness to the back wall of a booth with dECOLeather® recycled leather veneer. While beautiful, its durability and clean-ability is superior to that of 100% real leather.

Extra design inspiration: reception areas, monitor walls

14. Counter inserts

dECOLeather by Formica Group 5621-15 Bianco Crocodile, 5618-13 Coal Buffalo
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Countertop inserts can provide dual purpose such as a soft spot to get ready, while aesthetically adding drama and texture to the space. Adding the door and drawer inserts provides another layer of sophistication to the same space.

Extra design inspiration: gondola tops & shelves

15. Studio space

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All three textures of dECOLeather®, recycled leather veneer create a versatile background for any aspiring artist. Not only for photographers and painters, but it is also a great surface for a museum to showcase art in any form.

Extra design inspiration: ecclesiastical settings, Spa environments

The capabilities of dECOLeather® are only limited to the mind of the ever inventive designers in our world. Offered in three textures, and 18 colors, this renewable product is affordable and trendsetting. Begin to change the world of surfacing here.