Meet the New 180fx® Collection

Our new 180fx® large-scale laminate designs display breathtaking veining and natural hues.

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Inspired by the latest global design trends, our 180fx® collection features exuberant high-movement stones, heavily veined marbles, and classic granite patterns with contrasting background colors to elegantly bring the outdoors into your home. 

In addition to these features, each new pattern reflects the color trend of usable grays that complement existing interior colors, by blending warm and cool tones together. Discover the new 180fx® designs and their unique stories.

Sea Pearl

Sea Pearl quartzite is a smooth and serene blend of warm and cool grays with a dramatic vein in rust, and comes in the Scovato™ finish.
180fx by Formica Group 9534 Sea Pearl 1920x915
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Quartz Composite

Inspired by quartz, but made by man, Quartz Composite is Formica Group’s first man-made 180fx® pattern and was created using concrete and recycled glass.

Quartz Composite features detailed particulates in the background, with a blue-gray vein branching across the slab. The Artisan™ finish creates a smooth, slightly glossy surface to bring out the details.
180fx by Formcia Group 9535 Quartz Composite
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Quartzite Bianco

Quartzite Bianco features a soft white and gray shaded background interspersed with charcoal veins that traverse the pattern, and a matte Scovato™ texture.
180fx by Formica Group 9536 Quartzite Bianco
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Stormy Night Granite

Stormy Night Granite is a multicolored granite with dramatic movement throughout, featuring a charcoal black background with beige, white and soft gray veins in a Scovato™ textured matte finish.
180fx by Formica Group 9537 Stormy Night Granite
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