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Bathroom vanity tops: surfacing with style

Want a bathroom vanity top that's beautiful, functional, and affordable? Take a closer look at laminate and solid surfacing.

742 Blanco Terrazzo

Formica® Solid Surfacing in Blanco Terrazzo

From grand en suite master baths to tiny powder rooms, bathrooms hold a unique place in the home. Few rooms present a more open-ended opportunity for creative renovation. Have some fun with your bathroom decorating ideas – and maybe even take some chances. 

Whatever your decorating ideas entail, your vanity top, along with bathroom vanity cabinets, will be a primary focal point. Once you’re ready to bring your bathroom ideas to life, you’ll need to decide which materials you want to use.

When it comes to vanity tops, materials of choice vary widely. Modern laminates and solid surfacing are popular options, offering many superior qualities that make them as practical as they are beautiful. 

Let’s take a closer look at these two surfacing materials – and what makes them well suited to most any bathroom design ideas and styles.

Solid surfacing: a solid choice

Whether you want a more modern or a classic look, Solid Surfacing® Formica shapes itself to virtually any design concept. 

Color and design go all the way through the material to allow endless design and shape options, including edging, accents and inlay. Formica Solid Surfacing can be:

As tough as it is beautiful, Solid Surfacing is renewable and repairable. In addition to being scratch- and stain-resistant, it’s a durable, non-porous surface, so it’s easy to keep clean—perfect for bathroom vanity tops. 

And with seven color categories, Formica Solid Surfacing offers a palette of contemporary colors across every mood.

For a classic style with a touch of elegance, consider Pearl Mica, which offers a subtle shimmer, thanks to the real mica it contains. For surfacing that looks like stone  – but presents a more affordable alternative – consider Blanco Terrazzo. When paired with woodgrain, it creates a rich, timeless feel with a bit of warmth (as seen in the photo above). 

Going greener

In the market for more sustainable materials? Formica Group is pleased to be the first major solid surfacing manufacturer to create a range of recycled products that use both post-industrial and post-consumer waste: e Series by Formica Group.

The new e Series collection features 15 percent total recycled content, five of which is post-consumer in the form of polystyrene. Each sheet of e Series contains an estimated 1000 Styrofoam cups. 

Green design just got a little greener.

Laminates: the next generation

A tried-and-true surfacing material made from paper and acrylics, laminate has come a long way from its original form. 

As inventors of the original high pressure laminate, Formica Corporation continues to innovate and develop ever more sophisticated and technologically advanced surfacing materials. And with IdealEdge™ countertop edging by Formica Group, seams have given way to myriad decorative edge options. 

Simply put, these are not the laminates of yesteryear.

Today’s high-quality laminates come in such a broad range of decorative color, design, texture and finish options that your creative choices are limited only by your imagination, rather than your budget. Compared to other decorative surfacing materials, Formica® Laminate offers superior design possibilities at a great value. 

Practically speaking

Formica® Laminate is durable, non-porous and easy to clean, so it’s a suitable choice for bathroom installation. Speaking of installation, if you’re a DIYer, you might even consider installing your own vanity top. The budget-friendly pricing and relative ease of installation make laminates a good choice for those who enjoy changing up their décor now and again. But laminates are also built to last.

Learn more about installing your own bathroom vanity top.

What’s more, a multitude of creative options are available to achieve your dream modern bathroom vanity look – even with a modest budget. 

The by Formica Group collection®180fx offers large-scale textural patterns that mimic the color and pattern variations of real granite, marble and stone, but delivers a far lower maintenance and lower-cost alternative. Calacatta Marble actually looks like marble; Bianca Luna looks like stone. In a bathroom setting, these “larger than life” patterns can lend a dramatic, luxurious feel to a smaller space. Expect the unexpected.

Explore great design looks for bathroom vanity tops now. Try our Design a Room tool now.