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Carbon Reduction

Formica Group has set goals to reduce emissions from all operations, vehicles and facilities that may contribute to the formation of green house gases.

What are Carbon Emissions?

Organisations use fossil fuels to produce energy. The CO2 generated as part of that process is released to the atmosphere. Whilst we know carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants and trees, within the natural carbon cycle. Industry generally produces more CO2 than they can absorb.

The effect of this CO2 in the atmosphere is that the temperature of our planet is increasing. Through process improvements and energy efficiencies, Formica Group is working to reduce its contribution to carbon emissions and “global warming”.

Formica Products, Emissions and Energy

Formica Group recognises that reducing reliance on fossil fuels is an economical and ecological imperative—and it is our corporate responsibility to also to investigate renewable sources of energy that have minimal carbon impact and can significantly replace the use of fossil fuels.

By completing a detailed and comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of our products, Formica Group fully understands the embodied energy required throughout production of all components of our products. This information allows us to set objectives to reduce our energy consumption and therefore, our carbon emission values. Our supply chain partners have also shared with us their energy consumption data.

Formica Group Achieved Carbon Reduction Label

Formica Group is the first laminate manufacturer in the world to be awarded the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label:

  • Surface area of approximately 100 million square metres of Formica products is now carbon labelled; this equates to 13,703 x the area of an average football pitch.
  • The products certified and carrying the Carbon Reduction Label represent 90% of Formica Group’s total products worldwide.

Formica Group measured carbon footprint of its range of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Continuous Process Laminates (CPL), Compact Laminates and Bonded Worktops products, which now qualify to carry the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label.

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The Carbon Reduction Label helps consumers easily identify and choose products that are working to lower their environmental impact. Labelling the products is also an important step for architects and specifiers who are increasingly in need of demonstrable evidence of the environmental credentials of the built environment.

The Carbon Reduction Label signifies that the total greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the product’s lifecycle including raw materials, production, transportation, preparation, use and disposal have been assessed. By displaying the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, Formica Group has made a commitment to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of its products over a two year period.

To qualify to bear the Carbon Trust Carbon Reduction Label, Formica Group has had each product’s carbon footprint assessed to the PAS 2050: 2008 Specification for lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services, the Footprint Expert Guide TM and the Code of Good Practice for Product Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reductions Claims.

“We congratulate the Formica Group of companies on the certification and labelling of their products. The Carbon Reduction Label allows Formica Group to easily and openly communicate the serious and credible steps it is taking to reduce carbon emissions”.

Certifying these products will have a positive effect on Formica Group’s reputation, and the business as a whole. We are pleased to be working with Formica Group, as they work to reduce the carbon footprint of its products.
Darran Messem, Managing Director of Certification at the Carbon Trust.
Formica Group joins other household brands who are leading the way forward in this initiative and whose products carry the Carbon Reduction Label including Coca-Cola, Dyson, Morphy Richards and the New Zealand Wine Company, among others.

“Formica Group completed a Life Cycle Assessment on key products and their environmental impacts in all ten of our manufacturing plants. This has provided a benchmark for our processes and enabled us to set goals for the future”.
Creating a company culture that demands continuous improvement and working to internationally recognised accreditations and certifications are part and parcel of our journey for excellence in sustainability. Working with the Carbon Trust and being the first laminate manufacturer in the world to display the CRL is an exciting part of this.
Gavin Todd, Development Manager, Formica Group

Current Status and Activity

Formica Group has made a commitment to reduce our carbon emission. We continuously activate programs to reduce carbon impacts from our products and activities in all Formica Group facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. These strategies form a global program to reduce our total annual carbon footprint.

Formica Group is also a member of the Carbon Disclosure project, along with other leading global companies that contribute to worldwide initiatives to publicize, understand and reduce the potential effects of carbon emissions.

Among the current strategies we employ:

  • Closed loop press heating systems conserve hot water.
  • Biomass is used to generate energy.
  • Advanced boiler control systems maximize energy combustion and reduce energy use.
  • High efficiency compressors.
  • High efficiency motors.
  • Energy saving lighting systems.
  • Development of efficient freight routes to maximize fuel economy.
  • Investigation into further use of renewable sources.

Formica Group has established waste objectives to reduce the quantity of paper and other waste that is sent to landfill (landfill sites generate greenhouse gases).