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Formica Infiniti® - ColorCore®


Formica Infiniti® - ColorCore®, with its solid colour throughout and elegant, contemporary matte finish is ideal for use in high traffic areas. It's soft, luxurious touch that works harder than anything we've made before, a perfect choice for stylish interiors.

Created with technology that protects it from marks, fingerprints and accidental abrasions, so it stays looking better for longer. It's one surface with endless possibilities.

Applications such as counters, reception desks and furniture can be enhanced with special inlay effects and sharp edging details.

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  • taiwan Soft Touch
  • Colour Through
  • taiwan Anti-Finger Print
  • taiwan Anti-Microbial

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What is the warranty on Formica Infiniti™?

The limited warranty for Formica Infiniti™ is one (1) year from the date of first purchase.

What are the unique properties of Formica Infiniti™?


Our Formica Innovations Team has been developing and perfecting our patent-pending curing process and next generation resin systems. Thanks to their efforts, it has helped us create our most advanced surface to date; a highly engineered matte surface.

This perfectly balanced fusion of process and resin systems has enabled us to create micro-contours that diffuse light, giving the surface an ultra-low gloss appearance. They also work to channel away moisture from the fingertips so they don’t leave marks. The result is a surface that goes further than any other.

What are the common applications for Formica Infiniti™?

Formica Infiniti™ can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications. Due to its functionality and durability, Formica Infiniti™ is suitable for all types of settings that have countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets and furniture.  Suitable for high-traffic areas so perfect for hospitality,cafes, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, healthcare and commercial offices.

Is Formica Infiniti™ suitable for horizontal applications?

Yes, it is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications and can be postformed.

Which sizes are available?

3050 x 1300 mm in HGP, CGS and BTS grades.

What thicknesses are available?

HGP 0.7 mm, CGS is available in 6, 8, 10, 12mm, and BTS in 1.3mm.

How many colours are available?

20 decors including; 17 plain colours and 3 patterns.

Is there a postforming grade for Formica Infiniti™?

Yes, Formica Infiniti™ is the only surface of its kind that can be postformed on a curve, without losing its quality or integrity. It’s a surface that changes the possibilities of matte surfaces.

BIM Objects

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process which allows architects, designers and engineers to create 3D models of buildings before they are built. Not only will BIM help clients to visualise their future environments, but the detailed technical information behind each powerful BIM object is imperative to understand individual elements in a building and contribute to effective facilities management. Formica Group understand the importance of BIM objects and are pleased to provide you with the following materials to incorporate within your designs.

The following material libraries are free to download and incorporate within your 3D environments. With a comprehensive range of colours, woodgrains, patterns and premium laminate, combined with a variety of grades such as HPL, compact, ColorCore and exterior grade, these tools will help create visually attractive designs with vital information relating to our laminate surface.

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Formica Infiniti®

Infinitely Good Looking

Formica Infinti® is perfect for both horizontal and vertical applications and what’s more its post-formability allows for the creation of beautiful curves.

With  antimicrobial properties that makes it highly hygienic and fortunately if abrasions occur it can be thermally healed back to normal.

All this  and more, in a range of 20 decors  also available in Formica® Laminate, the original High Pressure Laminate or Formica® Compact, our high pressure structural laminate.

Formica Infiniti