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Product Datasheets

In this section you will find detailed physical properties and performance data by grade.
Select a grade to download the corresponding datasheet:

(HGS) Horizontal, General Purpose, Standard
(HGP) Horizontal, General Purpose, Postforming
(HGF) Horizontal, General Purpose, Flame Retardant
(VGS) Vertical, General Purpose, Standard
(VFP*) Vertical, Flame Retardant, Postforming
(ATP) Pearlescent, Thin Decorative Design Laminate, Postforming
(BTS) Coloured Core, Thin High Pressure Laminate, Standard
(MTP) Metallic, Thin Decorative Design Laminate, Postforming
(MTF) Metallic, Thin Decorative Design Laminate, Flame Retardant
(CGS) Compact, General Purpose, Standard
(CGF) Compact, General Purpose, Flame Retardant
(EDS) Exterior Grade, Severe Use, Standard
(EDF) Exterior Grade, Severe Use, Flame Retardant
(INFINITI HGP) Super-matte, Horizontal, General Purpose, Postforming
(INFINITI HGF) Super-matte, Horizontal, General Purpose, Flame Retardant
(INFINITI CGS) Super-matte, Compact, General Purpose, Standard
(PAR) Abrasion-resistant (AR Plus®), High-gloss, Postforming
(FAR) Abrasion-resistant (AR Plus®), High-gloss, Flame Retardant
(CAR) Abrasion-resistant (AR Plus®), High-gloss, Coloured Core, Thin HPL, Standard
(MLB) Magnetic Laminate, Standard
(LTS) Light-Duty, Standard
(LTP) Light-Duty, Postforming

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The references above denote the product classification system contained in EN 438-2. Each grade has specific properties suitable for specific applications. Flame retardant laminates meet the fire performance requirements specified for Transport, Building Products (Euroclass) and the specified National Standards, for example, Class 1 (BS 476-7), B1 (DIN4102-1), M1 (NF P92-501 & UNE23727). DecoMetal® laminates and Formica® HGP grade laminates meet the requirements for Marine (IMO/MED). For further information on fire performance and certification please contact your regional Formica Group Technical Department.

*VFP, LTS, LTP, PAR, FAR, CAR, MLB does not appear in the EN 438-2 : 2016 classification system.