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Experience the TrueScale of Nature

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Our TrueScale range offers the authentic look of premium materials such as marble, quartz and wood with no repeat pattern across the width of a sheet of laminate. Developed for commercial projects, TrueScale captures the subtle variations and patterns found in natural materials but eliminates the high costs of sourcing and maintaining the genuine article.
TrueScale Natureb Salvaged Planked Elm Silver Nacardo

TrueScale Features and Benefits

Create sweeping curves or the illusion of endless marble with TrueScale laminates. It’s a product that’s light post-formable, non-porous, abrasion resistant and requires significantly less maintenance than natural materials.

TrueScale Nature Breccia Paradiso

For Those who Think Big

Providing the necessary sizing to bring design to life, we discuss the benefits of TrueScale for those who think big. 

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