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About Fletcher Building

In 2007, the Formica Group of companies was acquired by Fletcher Building, but who are they?

Their roots go back to 1909, when James Fletcher built his first house with Albert Morris in Dunedin, New Zealand. From those humble beginnings, today they employ over 20,000 people across the globe, over 10,000 people across New Zealand, 5,500 in Australia, and also have operations spanning Europe, the USA, and Asia.

Fletcher Building - in the Business of Building

Fletcher Building manufacture building products; from insulation that keeps homes warm and dry, to cement, the foundation of built structures the world over. They operate retail businesses that distribute these products and many more to tradespeople right across the globe. They also build homes, commercial buildings, and infrastructure that create communities, improve productivity, and contribute to the quality of life for people living and working in cities and regions across their markets. 

Fletcher Building is dual listed on the NZX and ASX and operates through five divisions – Building Products, Distribution, International, Construction, and Residential and Land Development.

What's Important to Fletcher Building?

Many of Fletcher Building's values reflect ours here at Formica Group. They understand that their people are their greatest asset, and invest in building highly-engaged and effective teams, who deliver great results for customers.  

Their people right across the globe are guided by their four core values – customer leading, play fair, better every day, and be bold. These values keep all Fletcher Building companies focused on what is most important and help make it great place to work.

As Fletcher Building seek to grow all of their businesses they understand that to deliver long-term sustainable value to shareholders, sustainability must be at the heart of how they do business. This means: 

  • They have a strong focus on safety and ensuring all their people go home safe every day. In 2017, they launched a major new safety initiative, Protect, to ensure they are continually improving their safety performance.  
  • They invest significantly in their people, and in diversity, leadership, and training programmes that provide pathways to employment for some of society’s most underrepresented groups.  
  • They are firmly focused on reducing their environmental impact right across their supply chain.
All of these core values underpin our Formica Group vision and values