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Infiniti Features

A Surfacing Material Like No Other

Elegant and sleek with a contemporary matte finish, it feels softer and works harder than anything we’ve made before. Created with technology that protects it from marks, fingerprints and accidental abrasions, it stays looking better for longer.

The move to matte
Formica Infiniti Room

Matte No Matter What

Our innovative patent pending technology has micro-contours on the material surface that diffuse light. This creates a luxurious matte finish which can add warmth and elegance to any environment.

Formica Infiniti Table Cassis

Irresistibly Resistant

Because we’ve made Formica Infiniti such a pleasure to touch, it made sense to include anti-fingerprint technology to make it more resistant to marking. It’s the surface that looks good, feels good, and stays that way.

Formica Infiniti Table Office

Remarkably Unmarkable

Formica Infiniti has looks that will make a mark on you, but thanks to our technology it’s pretty hard to make a mark on it. Its unique surface technology protects it from abrasions, perfect for horizontal applications in high traffic areas.


Perfectly      Postformable

We’ve created a surface that’s the first of its kind, and kind of brilliant. An anti-marking super matte finish that can be postformed to hold a curve to create beautiful streamlined interiors. It’s easy to work with, and because it’s been created with our ground breaking technology, it always keeps its integrity.

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Enhancing Environments

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