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ColorCore® Compact

Versatile, practical and beautiful, ColorCore® Compact is our latest self-supporting material that combines on trend surface designs with a structural, colour matched core that provides a homogenous colour all the way through.

ColorCore Compact

Natural Whites

Add a touch of timeless elegance to your project with our range of cool whites. Available as a solid Polar White, in a variety of textures to bring it alive. There is also a selection of natural and engineered stone designs which have been matched with complimentary textures by our global design team. Versatile and universally popular, white suits all rooms and future-proofs your design for years to come.

ColorCore Compact

Cool Greys

On trend and arguably one of the most enduring colour palettes, grey. Perfectly neutral, harmonious, effortlessly cool and immediately enhances all others colours around it. Make the rest of your design features stand out by cleverly using a colour that takes a back-seat, and lets complementary accents take centre stage.

ColorCore Compact

Modern Blacks

Everlastingly popular and always in fashion, our range of blacks state confidence and understated chic. Not only do our black surfaces look and feel luxurious, they are ideal for traditionalists and modern designers alike, combining practicality with a hint of timeless class. 

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