Licensed design

Licensed Design

Formica Group og Surface View® har slået sig sammen for at tilbyde dig eksklusiv adgang til over 1000 billeder, herunder billeder fra Natural History Museum, V&A og National Gallery. Denne service gør det muligt at reproducere kunstværker i  Formica® Laminate, det oprindelige High Pressure Laminate eller Formica® Compact, vores strukturelle højtrykslaminat.

Formica Group has an exciting partnership with Surface View®. This innovative venture in collaboration with a range of designers and design collections, offers you the Formica Group customer, exclusive access to over 1,000 images from sources such as the V&A museum. Ranging from Marvel® comic book covers to classic painting collections and photography; these images are available encapsulated in Formica® Laminate and on a number of other stylish complementary interior products.

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